Three Love Songs is an album that I wrote for the last year & some months. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of a lot of my closest friends and I'd like to thank them for their contributions. Iphi, for her voice on 'It will draw me over to it' and 'Outside your house'. Drake for his voice on 'In my dreams'. Delaney and Ryan for their voices on the opening track. Caroline for her vocals and viola across several tracks, as this album would not exist (at least not at all how I envisioned it) without her help. Zach for allowing me to use such a stunning photo for the artwork. Reid for mailing me said photo from his house. Warren not only for his incredible job mastering the record but also all the help he gave me throughout and for taking a chance on releasing it. Emily for putting up with me getting lost working on songs in her room all winter, spring, and summer and supporting me throughout. Alec for always letting me force him to listen to things I was working on, at any & all hours of the day and night. Dan for admirably holding his tongue when I made him listen to the masters endlessly in my car while driving across various states in the fall. There are probably thousands more people I owe so much of this record to. Everyone who listened to it, piece by piece, as I wrote and assembled it, whether we were trading songs via email or playing music for each other in a car or basement or kitchen. Everyone who allowed me to talk too much about it. Everyone involved in the release of it, and most importantly everyone who listens to it now or downloads it or writes about it or tweets about it or just passes it along to someone else they think might like it. I don't want to write disposable music and whether or not I do is entirely subjective; I can only hope this album comes to mean as much to any of you as it does to me.


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